4 Seat Prerunner Specs:
Wheelbase: 138″
Track Width: 88″
Front Wheel Travel: 20″
Rear Wheel Travel: 18″
Weight: 4000 lbs
Drivetrain: Albins
Body: Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass
Fuel Capacity: 37 gal
Unique Characteristics: Leather Interior

*Also available in 4WD.

4 Seat Prerunner - (Cuatro Diablo - 4 Devils)

Although this was built for prerunning the Baja Desert we have had customers race in a prerun Class and bring home the win 4 times.

Penhall Fabrication also does full builds and modifications on VW Bugs and Things.
Jamies Thing 002.jpgYellow Baja 002.jpgseats 002.jpgseats 002_1.jpgseats 003.jpg226314.jpgPhils Thing 001.jpgPhils Thing 003.jpgPhils Thing 005.jpgV W Things 003.jpgbuttercup and 4 seat chassis and ranger 003.jpg